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What is the process to request vacation and other absences within the HRMS?

Note: This article is applicable for Full-time Admin staff only. 

Employees are expected to request absences through the HRMS, following existing departmental absence policies and practices communicated by the manager. An example may be that some managers wish employees to speak to the manager first before submitting through HRMS, other managers may be fine with submitting solely through HRMS. After following the departmental process,  the employee must then formally request this absence through the HRMS. Managers will receive an email notification as well as a notification through the HRMS bell icon for pending approvals. Once the approvals have been granted, the employee will be able to receive the status of their request through the bell notification within the HRMS. ​

Absences can be entered ahead of time (e.g. scheduling a vacation or a surgery), or they can be entered after the fact (e.g. entering a sick day after returning from the leave). ​

Review the Submit an Absence Request knowledge article to learn how to submit an absence request.