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What are some tips to ensure a requisition is completed accurately?

1 – Ensure the correct requisition template is selected.

Note: Click here to view the Requisition Matrix.

2 – The Recruiter defaults to you, however you must change the Recruiter to your Talent Acquisition Advisor.

3 – For a full-time position or Appendix D contract, ensure the correct position number is selected. Refer to the job aid for Search Position Number to see the positions reporting to you and to ensure you select the correct one.

4 – For a full-time position, ensure to complete the ‘Additional Information’ field by entering details of the conversations you have had with your Dean or Director, Vice-President and HR Business Partner regarding whether any changes need to be made to the vacant position or job description.

5 – For an Appendix D or an admin contract, ensure Non-Full-Time is selected in the ‘Schedule’ field.

6 – For a contract job that will be posted, ensure to complete the ‘Duration of Need’ field by entering the contract length. For example, the duration of need may be one year.

7 – For a job that will be posted, enter the ‘Deadline to Apply’. For information regarding the length of time jobs are posted for, refer to the following FAQ: What is the minimum duration for a job posting to be posted?

For a step by step guide to create a requisition for an NFT contract, follow the job aid for Create a Job Requisition (NFT).

For a step by step guide to create a requisition for a job that will be posted, follow the job aid for Create a Job Requisition (FT).