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What if I have more than one work e-mail; i.e.,, How can I make the one I prefer to use as my primary e-mail?

Employees that have more than one work e-mail can choose one e-mail as their primary e-mail. To complete this you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to an Information Technology Services (ITS) Drop-in Support Centre (North Campus: Tech Zone – H109, Lakeshore Campus: A212, International Graduate School (IGS): 59 Hayden Street, 5th floor)
  2. Provide your Humber College ID
  3. Ask an ITS Client Service Agent to update your profile with the new work e-mail as your primary e-mail
  4. Your profile will then be updated with your new e-mail as your primary work e-mail

Please note that the system only allows employees to have one primary e-mail. When your new work e-mail becomes your primary e-mail, it cannot be changed in the system unless you follow steps 1-4 outlined above.

For a guide on how to update your employment information, please review the Add or Update Contact and Address Information knowledge article.