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(NFT) How to Post a Part-Time Job


  • Prior to posting a part-time job, you must consult with your HR Business Partner to determine the category of the job and then complete a short-form job description. The job must be banded by HR before it’s posted.
  • There must be an existing requisition template in HRMS in order to create a requisition. If no requisition template exists, please contact your Talent Acquisition Advisor.
  • If there is an existing requisition template but the job description or qualifications need to be updated before it’s posted, you must contact your Talent Acquisition Advisor to have the updates made on the requisition template before you create the requisition.

How to perform this action within HRMS:

Step 1 – Create a Requisition

Review the Requisition Matrix.

Step 2 – Save Requisition as open

Next steps in the process:

Once you have saved a requisition as open, the Talent Acquisition Advisor will review and post the job.

Note: If the job needs to be posted for longer than 5 days or it needs to be posted on an external career site, please let the Talent Acquisition Advisor know of this prior to submission. 

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