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How does a manager manage inconsistent schedules for non full-time instructor contracts that have differed hours?

If an NFT instructor is working more hours than indicated on their contract, you will have to add hours with the ‘Regular Hourly’ Payroll Time Type.

To reduce hours for an NFT Instructor, you will have to deduct from the standard weekly hour with the ‘Unpaid Leave’ Payroll Time Element. For example, if the contract states 6 hours per week and in week 9, the instructor is working 2 hours, select ‘Unpaid Leave’ to reduce the 4 hours. ‘Unpaid Leave’ will auto approve.

Reading weeks scheduled as indicated on the academic calendar will be automatically placed on a “0” hour schedule. Managers and/or Delegates will create and approve the time card for hours worked during reading week.

For a step-by-step guide on how to perform this action on the HRMS, please review the Schedule Maintenance-Non Full-Time Instructor Contract with Differed Hours knowledge article.