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During the recruitment process, at which steps does the hiring manager and/or hiring manager delegate receive an email notification?

The hiring manager (as identified in the hiring manager field on the requisition) will receive an email notification when:

1.       A job is posted

2.       A reminder 1 business day before the job posting expires, in case the job posting needs to be extended

3.       A job posting expires

4.       An offer is approved/rejected by HR, only if the hiring manager requested the approval

5.       The candidate responds to an offer

6.       The new hire’s username is generated (this notification is from Banner)

7.       When a requisition is “filled”


The hiring manager delegate (as identified in the department administrator field on the requisition) will receive an email notification when:

1.       An offer is approved/rejected by HR, only if the delegate requested the approval


Important notes:

–          There may be certain cases where HR terminates the approval path for an offer, in order to edit a field on the offer. HR would then go ahead and approve the offer. If this happens, the hiring manager or hiring manager delegate who requested the offer approval will not receive an email indicating the offer was approved.

–          The frequent collaborators identified on the requisition will not receive an email notification at any step during the recruitment process. Only the owners on the requisition receive the above email notifications. The owners include the hiring manager, recruiter (Talent Acquisition Advisor), HR Services (HR Business Partner) and the department administrator (hiring manager delegate).

–          All notifications in the recruitment process will be received via email only. No steps in the recruitment process initiate bell notifications in HRMS.