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I started at Humber last month, but have not been paid yet. When will I get paid?

There could be a few reasons you were not paid.

If you are part time, you are paid 2 weeks in arrears – meaning it can take up to one month from your start date before you get paid.

For part time assignments, all entries must be completed in time for the payroll processing deadlines. If your assignment was entered/approved/processed late for the payroll deadline, it will affect your pay date. Please check with you manager to ensure your assignment was entered/approved/processed on time.

If you are a part time employee and enter hours to get paid, please ensure your hours were entered and approved by your manager within the deadline for payroll processing. Late entry or approval of hours can affect timing of your pay.

If you are a full time employee, please first contact your manager to ensure your onboarding was completed on time to meet payroll deadlines.