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What is the difference between Reported Time and Calculated Time on a time card?

If you enter time or if you are someone who approves time cards for their team, then this is an important message for you!

When an employee creates a time card and enters the number of hours they have worked in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), the entered hours are recorded as Reported (Submitted) time. These hours do not take into account meal break deductions, which the employee’s regular hours are subject to.

To view the number of regular hours that are captured in the system after meal break deductions, the employee must look at their Calculated time within HRMS by clicking on the glasses icon next to their submitted time card.

For anyone who approves time cards for their team, it is important to review the Calculated time for an employee’s time card by clicking on the glasses icon next to their time card submission.

Important note –  Calculated time is the employee’s total worked hours, which means time card rules are applied to an employee’s Reported time (i.e. 8 hours of time entry for the day) and the total worked hours against that time is calculated (i.e. 7 hours after meal break deductions).

Let’s look at a more detailed example – the meal break rule applies when more than 5 hours of time is reported, which will result in a half-an-hour (30 minutes) meal break deduction shown via the calculated time, and if greater than 7 hours of time is submitted, an hour (60 minutes) will be deducted from the reported time. HRMS automatically applies the meal break rule and calculates the total number of hours worked.

Managers should validate and approve the calculated time shown on their employee’s time cards.