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Part-time Support Collective Agreement – Definitions for the New Employment Categories

Regular Part-Time Support Employees (RPT)
Regular Part-Time Employees are employees employed in a continuous position of indefinite extent with regularly scheduled hours on a weekly basis.  Hours can fluctuate but there must be work on a weekly basis. Hours can vary due to statutory holidays, study weeks, etc.*
*Some Regular Part-Time employees may occupy less than twelve (12) month positions.

Casual Part-time Support Employees (CPT)
Casual Employees are those who work on a call-in basis and/or do not have regularly scheduled hours on a weekly basis. They are called into work only when work is available.  They can decline to work if called in.  Their scheduled hours of work fluctuate so widely that there is no regularity.  Schedule with weeks with zero hours are not due to break weeks.

Temporary Part-time Support Employees (TPT)
Temporary Employees are those who are employed to replace Regular Part-Time Employees on leave or who are employed for a period of up to nine (9) consecutive months, or such longer period as the College and the Local Union may agree.

Student Employees
Student Employees are students who are occupying positions that are only made available to current students of the College.

Project of a Non-Recurring Kind Employees (PNRK)
Project of a Non-Recurring Kind Employees are employees who are employed in projects of a non-recurring kind.

Non Full-Time (NFT Part-time) Excluded
Any co-op student we hire as part of their education training program undertaken, a graduate of a college during the period of 12 months immediately following completion of a course of study or instruction at the college by the graduate if the employment is associated with a certification, registration or licensing requirement (this may include: Athletic Trainers, HR Assistants, (any graduate who works at the college in order to gain working hours towards certification, licensing i.e., CHRP, CGA, etc., the University of Guelph-Humber or Humber co-op student or any co-op of student from post-secondary institution).