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How can I filter to find the rate grid/payband on an offer?

1 – Next to the ‘Rate’ field on the offer, click the icon for ‘Open the Selector’.

2 – In the ‘Code’ field, enter one of the following keywords from the list below, depending on the grid you are looking for.

3 – Click the icon for ‘Refresh the list according to selection’.

4 – In the ‘Description’ field, enter the step you are looking for.

5 – Click the icon for ‘Refresh the list according to selection’.

6 – The rates that match your search will populate. Click ‘Select’ next to the correct rate.


– Support A (Note: Change the letter after ‘Support’ depending on the payband of the position)

– Academic

– Students

– IGNITE Student

– HUMBER (Note: This is for returning student workers only)

– Non Bargaining Unit (Note: This is for PT Support and PT Admin. The name will eventually be updated to reflect bargaining unit)

– Part Time Professors

– Post Secondary PL

– Non Post Secondary PL

– Continuing Education

– Sessional

– Clinical

– NFT Librarian/Counsellor