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How are an employee’s current vacation balances calculated within the HRMS?​

Note: This article is applicable to Full-time Admin staff only. 

The opening balances from the start of the 2018-19 vacation year, September 1, 2018, were migrated into the HRMS from Empath (our old absence management system). From there, all of the vacation days taken by an employee between September 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019, were transferred into the HRMS, which subtracted from an employee’s opening vacation balance. Starting August 5, 2019, employees and managers began to enter their own vacation in the HRMS which automatically subtracted from their remaining vacation balance.​

Accrual of annual vacation entitlement:

From the start of the 2018-19 vacation year, September 1, 2018, employees started to accrue vacation days every pay period (bi-weekly) during the year, rather than given as a lump sum deposit after the end of a vacation year. Accruals were calculated based on an employee’s annual vacation entitlement. ​

For example, an employee who was entitled to 22 vacation days annually started to accrue at a rate of 22 days over the year’s 26 pay periods or 0.846 days per pay period (22 days ÷ 26 pay periods). Seeing balances in decimals will be common, however, employees can only use their days in full or half-day increments. ​

Carryover/Forfeiture of Days

Full-time Administrative Staff may carry over a maximum of fifteen (15) vacation days above their annual entitlement to the subsequent vacation year. Any unused vacation days in excess of fifteen (15) days above their annual entitlement will be eliminated from the employee’s vacation bank on September 1.